Empower Wellness Retreats


Aurora Eating Disorder Center

bring you our holistic model of healing with our weekend intensive wellness retreats!

Empower Wellness Retreats Provide:

  • Multi-Dimension Wellness Assessment
  • Our proprietary revolutionary metabolic diet designed to chemically re-balance your body's appetite, weight, hormones, & endocrine system
  • Body-positive movement & exercise
  • Nourishing, satisfying, delicious, healthful meals & snacks
  • Skills & tools to help you build a life worth living

Empower Wellness Retreats offer participants the opportunity to step away from the stress & chaos of every day life, and create space for growth and change. As part of a powerful community of strong women, together you will heal your disordered relationship to food and body. Make peace with your body by learning the Empowered Way to eat, move, think and love.