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Welcome Recovery Warriors

We are delighted to join Jessica Flint for the Food Body Love Rally! Our Founder and Clinical Director, Marissa Sappho, LCSW, BCD, CEDS, presented on the Nine Dimensions of Wellness as a recovery tool. We are pleased to share this downloadable/printable to help you jump start your recovery process using the 9 Dimensions of Wellness. Make sure to register for the Food Body Love Rally to hear the entire message of hope and empowerment!

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A message from our director

Wellness is simply the state of being in good health. It is an active process of becoming self-aware and making consistent choices that support a fulfilling and healthy life. When I think about a person who struggles with overeating, emotional eating or binge eating, I think about the dimensional effect this has on a person's life. When someone experiences binge-eating behaviors, they often identify food as the only problem, however, in my work with clients, and here at the Aurora Center, wellness means much more than just being free from binge-eating’s a dynamic process of change and growth and offers the opportunity for whole-life wellness, mind, body and soul.