Meal Support Services

Meal Support is offered as an additional service for those who experience disordered feeding patterns in the context of an eating disorder. Meal Support involves the co-experience of eating together so that reactions can be addressed and processed in real time. Together we work to understand the emotional experience and challenges connected with nourishment including food anxiety ("safe" foods, "good" vs. "bad" foods), hunger and satiety cues, rate of consumption, eating in public, ordering off a menu, and restricting, binging and purging behaviors. Meal Support services can be a wonderful addition to any level of outpatient care.

We Come to You

Meal Support can occur at your home, dorm room, or office, as well as at any area restaurant -- or even a picnic in the park! Our goal is recovery in your environment on your terms.

We Work With Your Team

We are happy to coordinate with an established treatment team, or you may work with one of our staff nutritionists to ensure your meal support sessions provide the most benefit.

How We Help

  • Utilize the exclusive Integrated Eating program to help you re-connect with food, regardless of which phase of recovery you're in
  • Exposure therapy for risky/challenge foods
  • Decrease anxiety around food
  • Increase comfort around social-food events
  • Challenge food rules & rituals
  • Address destructive thought patterns & behaviors in real time
  • Active support to encourage connection with hunger, fullness, and satiety
  • Friendly, warm, and caring staff

Meal Support Therapy occurs in 45-90 minute individual and group sessions.