Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday

Nine Dimensions of Wellness
by Marissa Sappho, LCSW, BCD

At Aurora Behavioral Health Center for the treatment of Eating Disorders, our treatment approach utilizes a holistic wellness model of recovery. This treatment model encourages a balanced lifestyle rather than just cessation of eating disorder symptoms.

Eating Disorders are complex multi-determined disorders that lead to dysregulation in nearly all dimensions of a person’s life. Curiously, most eating disorder treatment fails to truly address the dimensional impact of eating disorders in a holistic way. Wellness is defined as a holistic process, driven by the individual. Wellness is a way of living that values health, balance, and the minimization of unhealthy behaviors. Depending on whom you ask, there are between six and nine dimensions of wellness essential to creating a balanced fulfilling life. Here at Aurora Behavioral Health, we incorporate all nine dimensions of wellness into aspects of a clients treatment care plan: Emotional, Career, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual, Physical, Financial, Creative, and Environmental.

When a person has an eating disorder, we observe disruption and dysregulation in each of these nine areas. Through the use of didactic skill building, psychoeducation, and yoga therapy, we will apply yogic principles to help identify imbalances and restore balance across these dimensions. Being recovered means more than just stopping symptoms, it includes being in your life in a present, connected, balanced and meaningful way.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing blog posts related to each of the nine dimensions of wellness. So join us every week for Wellness Wednesday and take a step toward a more balanced fulfilling life!


Physical: The Root Chakra, addressing needs for self care, nutrition, sleep, and exercise
Emotional: The Sacral Chakra, addressing needs for emotion regulation & stability
Career: The Solar Plexus Chakra, addressing needs around power and assertiveness
Social: The Heart Chakra, addressing needs for unconditional love and compassion
Creative: The Throat Chakra, addressing needs for creative expression and speaking truth
Spiritual: The Crown Chakra, addressing needs for trust, devotion, inspiration and connection to something larger than oneself
Intellectual: The Third Eye Chakra, addressing needs for intellectual stimulation around ideas, goals and values
Environmental: The Root Chakra, addressing needs for physical safety and surrounding environment
Financial: The Root Chakra, addressing needs for financial safety and security