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Make Friends With Food Cook & Dine Group: College Cooking

For those in recovery, being away at college can pose numerous food challenges. Access to limited cooking equipment and supplies in your dorm coupled with an all-access dining hall, creates a food situation that can be difficult to navigate. This month's cook & dine experience focuses on cooking at college. We will demonstrate simple, nourishing recipes that can be made in a dorm room or shared kitchen with minimal supplies. We will also discuss strategies to ensure balanced eating while away from a primary support team at college.

Fee: $175

This collaborative cook & dine experience is co-led by a therapist, nutritionist and a chef. These groups will help clients make friends with food by participating in meal preparation, and de-mystify the cooking process in an effort to take the fear out of food! Whether you are working to address fear/challenge/risky foods, or need help learning how to add food variety to your meals, this group will satisfy! The group will then dine together for a therapeutic meal session to process the experience. All cook & dine sessions will include:

  • Hands on practice in the kitchen
  • Mindful Eating Meditation
  • Meal pre/post process session
  • Help decrease anxiety around food
  • Address destructive thought patterns & behaviors in real time
  • Challenge food rules & rituals
  • Increase comfort around social-food events
  • Active support to encourage connection with hunger, fullness, and satiety
  • Friendly, warm, and caring staff
  • Take home recipe card & mindful eating meditation card to continue to practice your new skills at home
Earlier Event: December 28
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